Healthy Lunch & Dinner

We change our menu every week. Below is our sample menu:

  • Tuna “ Fried” Fish with Zuccini carrot salad
  • Spinach bean & burrito Wrap & Thai salad
  • Grilled chicken Kung Pao with Corn and carrot salad
  • Spinach & mushroom casserole
  • Chicken puff with Baked potatoes
  • Vegetarian Tom Yam with String bean roasted
  • Healthy Siomay and Steam potato
  • Salmon baked with sweet potato
  • Chicken veggie roulade  & Creamy corn soup
  • Tortilla avocado salsa & Baked chicken wing
  • Homemade bulgogi
  • Meatloaf baguette
  • Baked Herbs Dori and Roasted vegetables with tahini lemon sauce
  • Glaze chicken lemon





Healthy Lunch & Dinner

Why I should have healthy lunch?

Eating a healthy lunch is important for so many reasons!

Food gives us our energy. Eating a nutrient-packed lunch helps us avoid a mid-afternoon crash!
Skipping lunch leaves us starving by the time we get home from work or running errands. This leads to binge eating or the temptation to hit the drive-thru. (Fast Food, MSG food)

By consume healthy lunch, you are more likely to stick with your meal plan – and not eating out will save you calories, as prepared foods are often loaded with extra preservatives and sauces that add up quickly.

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