Clean Eating


What is Clean Eating?

Clean eating simply it means to eat the best and healthiest options in each of the food groups, embracing foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains and healthy proteins.

In daily life, (clean eating) means to stay away from junk foods and processed foods , looking more closely at where your food comes from. (Rachel Knopf Shey, a New York-based registered dietitian nutritionist)

What is the Effect of “Cleanse”

One of the side effects of our cleanse is weight loss.

We avoid the refined  carbohydrates (white bread, packaged cereals, pasta, etc) that       are leading contributors to weight gain.
These carbohydrates are instantly transformed into sugar by our body (and we aren't designed to handle such abundant influxes of sugar.)

Look Good, Feel Good, and Sure, Healthy!!

Why we should to “Cleanse” ?

  • You are Tired all the time
  • Your Digestive system is out of whack
  • Your Weight is not what it should be
  • Your Skin looks dull & drab


What to eat during cleanse day?

Week 1 - Clean Your Plate

The first seven days are designed to sweep away the unhealthy notions about what a meal “should” look like. You will be eatings large amounts of fiber-rich vegetables seasoned to perfection, snacking on fresh fruits and seeds, and drinking tons of water, green smoothies and herbal teas to flush out those toxins. Detox symptoms may surface during this time and could require you to slow down for a few days while your body works hard at pushing toxins out of your body.

Week 2 – Find Your happy place

Week two introduces power-packed whole grains and baked breakfast foods to your newly cleansed body. Get ready for some truly delicious meals! We encourage you this week to focus on eating when you are truly hungry and tapping into the emotional role that food often plays in your life. Also, your energy levels will begin to rise this week and your skin will begin to glow — woohoo!

Week 3 – Embrace The Lifestyle

For the home-stretch of the cleanse, you will be introduced to more delicious recipes and reap even more benefits of clean eating (the scale probably never looked so good). We will help you implement your favorite aspects of the 21-day cleanse into you life so you can continue to on the journey of a healthier and happier you.